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  • Sorry, couldn't get online yesterday... Well, since you appear to be on, can you meet me on The Battle Tower server in around half an hour if possible? Thanks.
    Hi there, Solstice. We're up against each other in the CAP 4 Tournament, so when can you play? I can get online at the PS Battle Tower server from 2:00PM - 12:00PM (GMT-8).
    Hi, i'm gmt-8, and could we play on sunday so i can have time to change my teams now that genesect is banned? Anyways, please give me what times you can be available on sunday so i can set out some time to play.
    Hey, I'm against you in the smogon tournament, when will you be able to play?
    Hey, do you think we could just not have our match? Espy's not been reffing much lately i think, and i'd like the spot open for CMFP's 3k. If that's alright with you, that'd be cool.
    When would you like to play? I'm GMT-5 and am on all day the next three days, if you want to get it done early. Just give me a time and I should be able to make it. Saturday is the only iffy day because plans aren't finalized for that yet.
    Holy crap after all of these years i JUST got your avatar, Scott Pilgrim right?

    "I was SUCH a paragon"
    Eh, we'll live. We have nothing fly weak anyway, and we can use Jolteon's Thunder if you have it to prevent Fly.
    Ok, pretty much all my mons are free now, Solstice, apart from the ones in my current battle with Texas Cloverleaf (which is kind of in suspense). This includes Tyranitar, Lickilicky, Milotic, Arghonaut, Dusknoir... Any preferences?
    Hello, I'll soon be able to post your raid with Son Of Shadoo. Are you available for it? (Soon meaning within 2-3 days at max I think)
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